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Anti-reflection coating is important for eyeglasses for several reasons:

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

AR coated lenses, also known as anti-reflective coated lenses, are lenses that have a special coating applied to the surface of the lens to reduce reflections and glare. The coating allows more light to pass through the lens, which improves vision by increasing contrast and clarity. AR coatings can also make the lenses more durable and easier to clean, as they can help repel dust, water, and oil. They are commonly used in eyeglasses, camera lenses, and other optical applications where clear and sharp vision is important.


Reducing glare: Anti-reflection coating helps to minimize the amount of light that is reflected off the surface of the lenses. This reduces glare and allows more light to pass through the lenses, making it easier for you to see in bright conditions, such as when driving at night or working on a computer.


Improving vision: By reducing reflections, anti-reflection coating can also improve the clarity of your vision. This is especially true in low-light conditions or when you are looking at screens or other digital devices.


Enhancing appearance: Anti-reflection coating can also improve the appearance of your glasses by making the lenses look more transparent. This is because the coating reduces the reflections that can make lenses appear shiny or distracting.


Increasing durability: Anti-reflection coating can help to protect your lenses from scratches and other damage. This is because the coating forms a barrier that can help to prevent debris and other particles from coming into contact with the surface of the lenses.

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