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Updated: Apr 17, 2023


Progressive lenses, such as Varilux, have no lines separating the different lens strengths, yet they provide the user with clear vision at all distances, allowing both head and eyes to stay in a natural and comfortable position when looking at objects in the distance, the intermediate zone and close up. This means no abrupt changes in lens strength, and no need to compensate with unhealthy body movement patterns.

The results are, rather, simple and seamless. Eliminating the visible line in the middle of the lens also hides the fact that the user is in need of reading glasses, something many is self-conscious about.

Progressive lenses are designed so that a smooth and seamless progression of lens power runs vertically down each lens, providing clear vision at all distances and a more natural depth focus than bifocals.

Choosing lenses with anti-reflective coating like Crizal will eliminate reflection on both sides of the glass, making activities like driving in the dark a more pleasant experience. This will also help others see your eyes clearly.

Although this is currently the peak of eyewear technology, it is impossible to create seamless multifocal lenses without the occurrence of unwanted aberrations, or irregularities creating distorted vision somewhere in the lens. These aberrations might cause the peripheral vision to appear slightly blurry, especially when looking down, or create a “swim effect” (the sensation of being out of balance) during rapid movements of the head. For most people, these are minor issues that disappear as they get used to their new lenses, and technological advances in the development of progressive lenses have eliminated or minimised most of these negative side effects.

To make sure that the lenses are tailored to your specific needs, your eye-care specialist will measure your eyes and eyeglass frame in order to carefully adjust the lenses to suit your eyes. Today we have a wide range of progressive lens designs to fit almost any need and lifestyle.


Superior vision - Any distance, any situation

Essilor has pushed the boundaries to bring you the world’s most advanced progressive lenses. Wave goodbye to switching between standard reading and distance glasses and the minor irritations of regular progressive lenses such as ‘swim’ or a narrow field of view. Instead, Varilux lenses give you sharp, clear vision and a smooth transition between all distances.

5 REASONS TO WEAR VARILUX Here's five compelling reasons to take advantage of the innovations in the Varilux product range. 1. Clear vision at any distance Near or far, the Varilux range gives you clear vision whatever the distance. 2. Comfort for any task Whether driving, reading the news paper using a smartphone, tablet or screen or at work on a computer there's a Varilux lens to make your vision tasks more comfortable. 3. High resolution vision in any light Varilux Physio 3.0 lets you enjoy greater contrast and sharpness. Essilor lens technology is constantly evolving, high resolution vision is the result. 4. Dynamic vision and stability in motion Great for staying active, the Varilux range is renowned for stable vision whether you're moving or the world is moving past you. Lenses can be tailored to your visual behaviour. 5. Quick easy to use All Varilux lenses are tested and approved by wearers to ensure your satisfaction, including that they are easy to use from the minute you put them on. VARILUX® FEATURES Varilux is based on market leading innovations:

  • SynchronEyes™ – your lenses work in harmony with your eye movements for a wider field of view.

  • Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement™ – better contrast, sharp vision at any distance, even in low light.

  • 4D Technology™ – made to match unique characteristics of your own eyes, including your dominant eye.

  • Nanoptix™ – virtually no ‘swim’ (when peripheral vision is impacted by changes at the edges of progressive lenses).

VARILUX® KEY FIGURES The first ever progressive lens was invented in 1959 – it was a Varilux lens. Half of all progressive lenses throughout the world are Varilux – since 1959 there have been more than 500 million Varilux wearers. Essilor, the manufacturer of Varilux and the inventors of progressive lenses is often listed by Forbes Magazine as part of their "World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies". Essilor first listed in 2014.

VARILUX PROGRESSIVE LENSES Progressive lenses offer a smooth transition from distance vision through intermediate vision to near vision.

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