Tomato Baby A

• Brand: Tomato Baby A • Gender: Unisex • Frame Style: Full Rim • Frame Material: Plastic What's Included 1.55 index single vision lenses Anti-reflective lens coating Super hard coating Carry case and cleaning cloth Additional charges apply for high index (thinner) lenses and other lens types


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If you have an Sph that is over +/- 6.00, or a Cyl over +/-2.00, please contact us before placing your order.


Stable Glasses

  • The glasses frames are made using non-toxic materials approved by the FDA.
    (These are safe materials used in medical products inserted in the body and in baby products, such as quality feeding bottles.)

  • The frames are safe because they do not break easily.

Comfortable Glasses

  • The glasses frames are incredibly light: only 6.4 to 6.5 g in weight.

  • The ear tips are made with soft materials, which are comfortable for babies and toddlers to wear even when they are lying on the side of their face.

  • The curves of the tip match the curves of the ear, sitting comfortably without hurting the ears.There are three types of nose bridges. If the default B1-sized nose bridge does not fit, the bridge can be replaced by the B2 or B3 sizes to create a perfect fit.The position of the nose bridge can be meticulously adjusted using the five nose bridge fixing holes and hold the glasses in place securely.The length of the legs can be meticulously adjusted with 1mm intervals, which keeps the glasses in place.Bands for exclusive use with Tomato Baby Glasses are included. Even glasses with heavy high-power lenses do not slip down.