Product Name: Clalen Iris Alisha Brown Toric Manufacturer: Interojo Base Curves: 8.6 Diameter: 14.2 Packaging: 30 lenses per box Using Period: Daily disposable


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CYL: *

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Alicia Brown comprises a modest espresso-colored limbal ring that gradates towards the central pupil hole to subtly change your eye colour while providing a modest enlarging effect. These circle lenses are so natural-looking, they're absolutely wearable for work, school or any professional setting.

  • Liberate yourself from dull eyes with this Alicia Brown toric circle lens! These are the first colour contacts for astigmatism made for the mass market (no preorder needed). Alicia Brown is subtle enough to pass off as your real eyes, yet impactful enough to visibly brighten up your face. The neutral coffee-brown colour goes with any and all kind of eye and lip makeup. Be free, be wild and be you!
  • Available only in AXIS 180 and CYL of -0.75 / -1.25 and SPH of 0.00 ~7.00
  • Sold as a box containing 30 1-day lenses of the same prescription. Please order 2 boxes if you have a different prescription for each eye.
  • Clalen 1-day toric contact lenses are crafted from methafilcon with a super-high moisture content of 55%! That’s 45% more moisture than most other colored contacts–and yes, that means these lenses contain more water than any other ingredient! These are the most comfortable, breathable circle lenses available on the market. In fact, they feel similar to silicone hydrogel clear dailies from premium brands.
  • Formulated with a coating that blocks 99.3% of harmful UV-B and 75.9% of UV-A rays, Clalen color contacts for astigmatism ensure that your eyes are kept in their healthiest condition.

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