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Asian fit glasses

How Asian Fit Glasses Can Benefit Asians

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Comfort: Due to differences in nose shape, glasses designed with Western faces in mind may not fit Asians well and cause discomfort. However, glasses made for an Asian fit take into account the unique nose structure of Asians and include nose pads that provide a comfortable and secure fit even when worn for long periods of time. This ensures that Asian individuals living in New Zealand can find glasses that suit their needs and provide the necessary comfort for daily use.

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Enhanced Vision: When glasses are designed with an Asian fit, the lenses sit closer to the eyes, providing a more precise and accurate vision correction for individuals with flatter facial features. This means clearer vision and less strain on the eyes.

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Improved Style: Glasses designed for Asian facial features often feature frames that wrap around the face, accentuating their unique characteristics. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also improves the wearer's overall appearance and style.

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Increased Functionality: Asian fit glasses are typically lighter in weight and more durable, making them suitable for active lifestyles. They are also less likely to slide down the nose or require frequent adjustments, ensuring that they stay in place and provide optimal functionality throughout the day.

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